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Brooke Angel


age: 20
height: 162 cm
weight: 51 kg
measurements: 86-68-86



face: 8.5
body: 8.5
hygiene: 8
service: 9.5

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Reviewed by Gene.

Face - 8.5

She showed her face in one of the pics which we luckily saved. She was pretty. Big eyes and nice lips. In person, she was exactly like the pics. Really the face of an angel. Her gap-tooth smile knocked a few points off, but it made her unique.

Body - 8.5

I liked her body a lot. She was curvy in a youthful way, with ample baby fat in all the right places. She had a small tramp stamp, but otherwise blemish-free, with a set of boobs that were perfect small C's with nice nipples. Her bouncy, petite-frame made fucking her hard, fantastic and it was great to squeeze that plump ass while doing her doggy-style.

Hygeine - 8

Her teeth were a bit stained, perhaps rotten. Her breath wasn't bad at all though. While we offered a shower to her before we banged, she declined, which was a little off-putting. She did shower between sessions, especially after one with an embarrassing accident - which you will read about in the review. Had she not showered, that hygiene score would've gone to zero. Overall, she didn't have any bad odours or feel dirty.

Service - 9.5

Hanging out with my buddy Richard one night, we were feeling a little goofy and decided to see what kind of tail was available on the free classifieds. Brooke's ad caught our attention because she was a cute young blond with preppy pictures, instead of the usual boring selfies or try-to-hard modelling shots that never look good. We rang her up and invited her to the house.

She burst into the door with her gapped tooth smile, bellowing, "Who's up for a party?". This girl's got energy and she brought booze. Whoah, this girl is into some fun. She went right into our kitchen, poked around in a few cupboards until she found what she was looking for: empty glasses. She filled 3 glasses with what she brought and handed each of us one. I'm into fun, but I'm not drinking something handed to me from an open bottle, from a chick I don't know. Richard was also thinking the same thing, but she took a big gulp first, so we tentatively took a sip. Not bad. We made a little small talk....well, really mostly her talking about her life. She was really funny and her attitude was fantastic. We were all laughing uncontrollably.

She asked if we were going to DP her. NOOOOOOOOO. Richard and I are never EVER going to get our dicks ANYWHERE near each other. NEVER. EVER. No sloppy seconds either, so Richard and I agreed beforehand it would be one of us. We flipped a coin and said if the girl was ok, I would totally do it. After having such a good time so far, I really wanted to fuck her. I told her it would just be me and she made a joke if Richard wanted to watch. Richard and I also agreed that the person not fucking, would leave for an hour. All of a sudden, Richard asks if he can film it. This fucking guy, always with his cameras. To my surprise, she yelled out, "Fuck yeah". OK. If Jake could do it, maybe I could. I took another gulp of her liquor for courage and got undressed.

She stripped really quickly - faster than Richard could turn on his camera and we moved to the couch. I admired her body. Despite her somewhat bad teeth, she was really cute and pale in a very soft way. I kissed her, running my hands all over her skin. She had a nice, young, plumpness, without being chubby at all. She pulled me towards the couch and started sucking my cock, taking it deep in her mouth and aggressively licking my shaft.

When I fucked her from behind, she would lean forward and arch her back, pressing her hips against mind even harder. That made me want to grab her ass even more and fuck the shit out of her. She moaned and groaned widly, but not in a fake way. She was really enjoying it. She was working as hard as I, if not more.

We tried cowgirl with me sitting on the couch, and she sat right on top of me with her arms positioned so she could grind up against me harder, that huge grin never leaving her face as she kept looking at me and kissing me. We switched it up and she faced the other direction, bouncing up and down on my cock with ease and stamina. She turned her head back once in a while as if she was making sure I was enjoying the show. I was! And despite how loose she seemed in her personality, her pussy felt rather tight.

When I was ready to cum, she sucked my cock hard and I finished inside her as she smiled and swallowed every drop. Damn. I'm in good shape, but she totally tired me out. When Richard yelled cut, she just high-fived us and asked me if I wanted to go another round. This girl was hot and I said hell yeah. A half hour later, we went again, but this time she let me fuck her in the ass. Richard did film it, but an accident occurred and kind of spoiled the footage if you get my meaning.

Brooke was a fantastic girl. I almost fell in love with her. I would fuck her a few more times after this, before we parted ways and I got the itch to try other pussy, but I'll always remember Brooke.

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